Hayley Ridgway

LAB NAME: Plant Microbial Interactions Group
ORGANISATION: Lincoln University
LOCATION: Department of Ecology, Lincoln University, Christchurch

CONTACT: Hayley Ridgway


  • Plant-microbe interactions 
  • Plant pathology
  • Microbial ecology
  • Bio-fertilisers
  • Sustainable soils


To utilise a multi-disciplinary approach to understand the interaction of micro-organisms with plants and their environment. Investigating epidemiology, population structure, pathogenesis and control strategies for plant pathogens. Population structure, efficacy and interaction of beneficial micro-organisms with plant pathogens and soil. Plant-microbe interactions in both agricultural and native ecosystems.


  • Staff and Post-docs: Marlene Jaspers (senior lecturer), Eirian Jones (senior lecturer), Regina Billones-Baaijens (tutor), Candice Barclay (technician), Sandy Hammond (technician), Dalin Brown (technician)
  • Postgraduate students: PhD: Blessy Pathrose, Celine Blond, Carolyn Bleach, Anusara Mihirani, Suhaizan Lob, Arash Rafat, Wendy Liu, Heng Tan Wee; MSc: Christine Bayler, Giuliana Bernardi


  • Baskarathevan, J., Jaspers, M., Jones, E., Cruickshank, R., and Ridgway, H.J. 2012. Genetic and pathogenic diversity of Neofusicoccum parvum in New Zealand vineyards. Fungal Biology, 116:  276–288.
  • Baskarathevan, J., Jaspers, M., Jones, E., and Ridgway, H.J. 2012. Incidence and distribution of botryosphaeriaceous species in New Zealand vineyards. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 132: 49-560.
  • Ridgway, H.J., Amponsah, N., Brown, D., Baskarathevan, J., Jones, E., and Jaspers, M. 2011. Detection of botryosphaeriaceous species in environmental samples using a multi-species primer pair. Plant Pathology, 60: 1118-1127.
  • Jones, E.E., Stewart, A., and Whipps, J.M. 2011. Water potential affects Coniothyrium minitans growth, germination and parasitism of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum sclerotia. Fungal Biology, 115(9): 871-81.
  • Williams, A., Ridgway, H., and Norton, D. 2011. Growth and competitiveness of the New Zealand tree species Podocarpus cunninghamii is reduced by ex-agricultural AMF but enhanced by forest AMF. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 43: 339-345.
  • Amponsah, N., Jones, E., Ridgway, H., and Jaspers, M. 2011. Identification, potential inoculum sources and pathogenicity of botryosphaeriaceous species associated with grapevine dieback disease in New Zealand. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 13: 467-482.
  • Andrews, M., Edwards, G., Ridgway, H., Cameron, K., Di, H., and Raven, J. 2011. Positive plant microbial interactions in perennial ryegrass dairy pasture systems. Annals of Applied Biology, 159: 79-92.

Spores of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Gigaspora decipie

Hayley Ridgway


A grapevine showing symptoms of infection by botryosphaeriaceous species (Insert: Grapevine trunk necrosis)

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